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Our vision, philosophy and business model is to ensure our clients see what they need to see. We use Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Field Technical Enhancement tools that allow our clients and teams to see what they need to see where and when it's convenient to see it.

SecondSightAR specializes in innovative solutions for oil & gas, mining, environmental remediation, engineering, architecture, and construction industries.

Stephen Clarke, President and Co-Founder

Strategy – Capital – Vision Realization

20 years as a successful entrepreneur in environmental protection, oil and gas and cleantech around the globe has left him with smiles, scars and a keen eye for opportunity and a solid business case. He's a go-to guy for new technologies, sectors, projects and far fetched ideas in new and exciting markets. He can quickly distill your Mixed Reality vision into the enterprise solution that maximizes your ROI and, most importantly, your position as a sector technology innovator. If you can’t get him on the phone he is probably doing something ill-advised in a place where phones won’t reach him.

Our offices connect a network of professionals from the AR, VR and MR hubs in Vancouver with the tech hub of the Northeast to our industry clients in Houston, Texas.

We develop cross platform AR, VR and MR tools for industrial applications. Our senior management and technical design teams have extensive global experience in oil and gas, industrial design, environmental management, marketing and digital data management.

Ketan Kapila, Co-Founder and Digital Development Lead

Ideation – Execution - Deployment

Oil and gas, environmental remediation and heavy industrial refurbishment is not the traditional path to new media but across Canada, the US and China he has championed a vision of industrialized mixed reality and immersive solutions. 


An avid early adopter and fanatic about new devices and technologies with real-world industrial applications he has a sixth sense for how to integrate AR/VR into complex industrial workflows.  He lives and breaths collaboration and rapid prototyping of intriguing use cases and is the proud owner of the very first Trimble HoloLens V1 Hardhat. 






Leaders in Oil & Gas Augmented Reality

HQ – Vancouver, BC

Development and Design – Hartford, CT

Oil and Gas Engineering – Houston, TX



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