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Training is an essential element to the success of any business but never more so than in a post-COVID environment, which limits our ability to gather and has narrowed budgets in all sectors.


VR training modules are often developed by suppliers with little or no field experience and VR scenarios, while realistic looking, are simply gamified theoretical digital environments that aren't representative of actual workspaces. Typical VR training platforms still require participants to travel to and train in common spaces, which does not accommodate the new health and safety or fiscal reality.


Harness the project or task specific content from Contxt Rapid Wide Area Scanning (RWAS); blend it with high resolution 3D models, polish with input from a team of field experts with over 20 years in industrial remediation, civil engineering and oilfield worldwide, and then optimize it for VR realistic, customized training and orientation modules. Using proprietary technology, NVision can safely and efficiently connect up to 50 remote participants in different rooms or countries collectively in a common training environment with a single remotely located instructor. Socially distanced. Fiscally responsible. Comprehensively trained.


NVision. When you can't train for the real world in the real world.

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